Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Makeup for a Downtown Seattle Stylized Ballerina Photo Shoot

From the first day I met Shaylynn (owner of Shaylynn Marie Photography), on our kids' school field trip, I knew I HAD to work with her! She's so full of spunk, and has an incredible zest for life. Her creativity and excitement are just...CONTAGEOUS! We originally swapped phone numbers, for playdates. But, one morning, I got a call from her, and she was insanely excited about an idea she came up with. A BALLERINA PHOTO SHOOT! But not any ordinary shoot, by any means! She wanted an Industrial/Downtown, Pretty/Grungy, Cold/Wet (well maybe not the last two, but hey, it's Seattle) feel, for this Ballerina Shoot. She immediately scouted out the PERFECT ballerina model for us, and as soon as I saw a photo of Lexi, my mind started racing with ideas! Her face is a Makeup Artist's DREAM! We collaborated for a few weeks, and this is the finished product!

We began with a soft, messy up do, for the hairstyle. For her first makeup look, we wanted it to be clean, soft and pretty, with a focus on the eyebrows and lips. Can we all just take a look at those brows! They are just PERFECT! I myself long for full, perfectly shaped eyebrows. They frame her face so beautifully, I just couldn't get over it. Lexi was such a sweet girl, and very professional. She just lit up, when she took a look in the mirror! For the face, I applied a sheer foundation, light bronzer and just a touch of a baby pink blush. I kept the eyes light, as well, with skin toned satin eye shadow and thin coat of mascara (waterproof, by the way. Did I mention it was raining?)

Onto look number TWO! It was also the first day of daylight savings time, so we were running out of daylight FAST! I had roughly 10 minutes to switch her over from soft/pretty Ballerina, to Grungy/Rebellious Ballerina. I took down her hair, backcombed like crazy, and hair was done! To transform her makeup, I applied a charcoal brown shadow and the way around the lids and a duo-chrome blue/brown shadow on the inner corners and blended up towards the brows. I darkened her brows a bit more and added a darker, vampier shade of lipstick. Funny how makeup can alter your attitude! She was definitely loving the change, and wasn't afraid to show the camera!

Thank you, Shaylynn, for this amazing, creative idea, and for including me! It was such an honor and privilege to work with you. She has a TRUE talent, and thoroughly enjoys every aspect of what she does! I am definitely looking forward to future collaborations with her!



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